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Alma Flor Ada Paulo Freire collection

Identifier: 2009-020-r-f
Scope and Contents This collection consists of materials pertaining to Alma Flor Ada and her methods of teaching. Included are selected lesson plans, teaching materials, written works by Alma Flor Ada, a selection of papers by three of her students, photographs, misc. ephemera and two VHS tapes of her lectures. Also included are various works and education philosophies of Paulo Freire. Of particular interest is a stick puppet of Paulo Freire that was used as an instructional aide.

Die-cut California advertising collection

 Collection — Box: 1, 2
Identifier: 2014-042-r
Overview A collection of specimens of California die-cut printing.

Walter B. Allen Turtle "Casa de Tortuga" collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2007-025-s-r
Overview This collection contains turtle artifacts and two display cases.

Orange County American-Italian Renaissance Lodge, Foundation and Italian Heritage Archive.

Identifier: 2011-059-s-r
Overview This archive is a collection of the records of the Orange County American-Italian Renaissance Foundation Lodge (OCAIRF) and other related material.

Edward Anhalt Screenplay Collection

Identifier: 2012-090-s-r
Overview This collection contains 95 items from screenwriter Edward Anhalt.

Anonymous World War I diary

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: 2013-052-r
Overview A diary kept by an American soldier during World War I.

Audrey Arellanes bookplate collection

Identifier: 2009-038-r
Overview This collection contains a large number of bookplates and publications dealing with the study and collection of bookplates compiled by Audrey Arellanes.

Armed Services Edition book collection

 Collection — Object: All
Identifier: 2015-012-r
Overview This collection consists of several small Armed Services Edition books printed for distribution to American military servicemen/women overseas during World War II from 1943 to 1946. The books feature an array of non-fiction titles as well as classics, poetry, cartoons, biographies and fiction titles of various genres. The published books are complete works and not merely digests.

Christopher Arriola Mendez v. Westminster records

 Collection — Container: Mendez v. Westminster Box 4, Folder: 6-9
Identifier: 2010-053-r
Overview This collection contains articles and documents related to the Mendez v. Westminster case. These records were put together by Christopher Arriola, a Deputy District Attorney for the County of Santa Clara who appeared in Sandra Robbie's 2003 documentary film Mendez vs. Westminster: For All the Children.

Artist's Book Collection

Identifier: 2010-085-r
Overview This collection contains digital images of illustrated books by various artists.

Ayala family papers

 Collection — Container: Mendez v. Westminster Box 2, Folder: 1-4
Identifier: 2009-017-r
Overview The Ayala family papers consist of photos, personal correspondence, and documents of the Ayala sisters and photos of their parents and their classes. Included is a transcript of Isabel Ayala's testimony in the Mendez v. Westminster trial and ephemera related to the legacy of the case.

Erica Bennett short film

 Collection — Container: Mendez v. Westminster Box 5, Folder: 14
Identifier: 2017-012-r
Overview This item is a short film on DVD titled "Mendez v. Westminster: Families for Equality" and was created by Erica Bennett. It was donated by Bennett in January of 2011.

Larry Billman Academy of Dance on Film program collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2015-021-r
Overview The collection contains programs/playbills, photographs, movie posters, lobby cards and post cards from Hollywood films concentrating on dancers. In addition there are 14 framed posters and seven rolled posters of various dancer/movie personalities and films.

Ed Blatchford Rancho Los Alamitos photographs collection

 Collection — Folder: 1
Identifier: 2008-014-r
Overview Photos of the Rancho Los Alamitos area.

Roger and Roberta Boisjoly NASA Challenger Disaster Collection.

Identifier: 2010-017-r
Scope and Contents The Boisjoly collection covers Roger Boisjoly's involvement in the NASA Challenger accident. Besides copies of his congressional testimony there are copies of testimony from other participants as well as the complete report made by the committee. Along with this material is Boisjoly's personal and business correspondence as it relates to the Challenger accident and various pieces of Challenger related ephemera.

Book binding samples collection

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: 2015-125-s-r
Overview This collection contains items from Karen Hamner: Book Arts and Lucia Farias pertaining to bookbinding.

Louise Booth papers

Identifier: 2012-088-r
Overview This collection the research materials and notes of Louise Booth, a local Orange County historian.

Earl Brink travelogue material collection

 Collection — Box: 1-3
Identifier: 2014-021-r
Overview This collection consists of materials related to Earl Brink’s travelogue productions, including his travel notes, still photographs from his travel movies, brochures and ephemera, his letters, contracts, and agreements.

Bruce Bryant and Carol Johnsen Title Card Collection

Identifier: 2012-054-r
Overview This collection contains materials from the opening sequences of various television shows. The materials were donated by Bruce Bryant, but pertain to the work he collaborated on with Carol Johnsen. A few of the materials came exclusively from Bryant's private collection of photos and personal documents.

C. Stanley Chapman Papers

Identifier: 2011-117-r
Overview This collection pertains to C. Stanley Chapman, son of CC Chapman, and includes personal correspondence from his time deployed in World War One, and his involvement with various masonic orders.

California Academic and Research Libraries (CARL) Archive

 Collection — Box: 20
Identifier: 2011-101-r
Overview This archive contains the operating records of the California Academic and Research Libraries Association (CARL) .

California's Gold collection

Identifier: 2011-114-r-c
Overview Huell Howser was a broadcast journalist and television host most widely known for his television series, California's Gold, which ran on various California public television stations from 1991 through 2012. Originally from Tennessee, Howser arrived in Los Angeles in 1981, began working at KCET in 1985, and developed a travelog series that featured interesting people, businesses, and stories from across California. The collection consists of audiovisual ...

California's Gold memorial archive

Identifier: 2013-011-r-c
Overview Memorial items created to honor the life and work of Huell Howser. All items were donated after Howser's passing in January 2013.

Center for American War Letters collection

Identifier: 2013-024-r
Scope and Contents Approximately 90,000 letters written by American veterans from the American Revolution to Afghanistan.

Norman Chapman Family Genealogy Papers

 Collection — Box: 1-5
Identifier: 2008-056-r
Overview This collection consists of genealogical material compiled by Norman Chapman on the Chapman Family.

California tourism and citrus industry ephemera collection

 Collection — document-box: 1
Identifier: 2014-018-s-r
Overview A collection of ephemera related to tourism, farming, and the citrus industry in early 20th century California.

City of Orange

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2009-026-r
Scope and Contents Ephemera and photos of the City of Orange are a combination of donations and items collected locally. Campaign button: "Tita Smith for Mayor" (2012)

John Class Fine Press Printing Examples and Ink Drawings collection

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: 2012-008-r
Overview One blue binder containing sleeved specimens of John Class' fine letter-press printing and artwork.

Claudia and Ken Horn theatre and music ephemera collection

 Collection — document-box: 1, Folder: 1-2
Identifier: 2015-064-s-r
Overview This collection consists of theatre and music programs for a number of performances that took place in and around Los Angeles from 1940 to 1959.

Colon-Muniz records

 Collection — Container: Mendez v. Westminster Box 5, Folder: 9-12
Identifier: 2008-048-r
Overview This collection contains materials regarding the "Mendez v. Westminster 60th Anniversary and Official U.S. Postage Stamp Unveiling" event held at Chapman University on April 14, 2007.

Robert Cooley Mountaineering Collection

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: 2007-029-r
Overview This collection contains an assortment of miscellaneous mountaineering equipment dating from the 1950s through the 1970s.

John Copeland Babylon 5 Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2006-018-r
Overview This collection contains a various assortment of action figures, books, set-related ephemera, awards won by the show, glassware, concept art, production stills, pictures, photos, statues, trading cards, two video games, all related to Babylon 5, including the entire series on VHS. In addition to the Babylon 5 collection, the series Crusader and Wild West are contained on VHS.

Jerome Cushman children’s book illustrations collection

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: 2005-005-s-r
Overview This collection contains material donated from Jerome Cushman. Items include a collection of children's book illustrations, a series of record albums and miscellaneous personal effects.

Sergio De Benedetti "Memoirs of an Antifascist" manuscript

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: 2014-001-r
Overview This collection consists of Sergio de Benedetti’s typed manuscript of “Memoirs of an Antifascist”, as well as various documents related to publication.

Paul S. Delp papers

 Collection — document-box: 1
Identifier: 2012-080-s-r
Overview This is a small collection of Chapman University faculty member Paul Delp's writings along with a copy of the program from his memorial service.

James L. Doti Mountaineering Equipment collection

 Collection — Object: 1-3
Identifier: 2008-010-r
Overview This collection contains mountaineering equipment donated by President James L. Doti.

Carbon Dubbs Family Art Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2008-001-s-r
Scope and Contents Thils collection is a gift of the Carbon Dubbs family in honor of their mother, Junia Dubbs. It consists of eight artifacts: 2 are medieval rubbings which are hanging in the stair case of the Library. Item: 1) larger rubbing is 41" x 96", framed, designated Framed art 1 2) smaller rubbing is 24" x 41.25", framed, designated Framed art 2 Rubbing was made on Aug 28, 1970 in St. Mary Magdalene Church in Cobham, Kent, England. Has 2 notes on back: Inscription ...

Lt. Robert Dale Dykins World War Two photo album

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: 2015-116-s-r
Overview This accession consists of one detailed photo album and scrapbook of U.S. Army Air Force Bombardier and concert pianist, Lt. Robert Dale Dykins.

Edison International "Crossroads" digital video recordings

 Collection — Folder: 1989-1990_Crossroads_Edison-2017.019.s
Identifier: 2017-019-r
Content Description This collection contains the digital files for a video series titled "Crossroads" that was produced for Edison International's employees as insight into the interesting people, jobs and locations around the electric utility’s 50,000 square mile service territory. Eight episodes were produced in 1989 and 1990. Huell Howser was the on-camera spokesperson.

Daryl Eigen Vietnam War letters

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: 2013-059-w-r
Overview This collection contains 101 letters written by Cpl. Daryl Eigen to his family during his time serving in the marines in Vietnam from 1966-1967. Additional materials include newspaper clippings related to his war experiences, as well as a 1999 newsweek magazine focusing on U.S. war veterans.

Emmett Ashford Collection

Identifier: 2010-063-r
Overview A selection of photographs of alum Emmett Ashford, who was the first African-American Umpire in major league baseball.

Ernest B. and Ruth G. Hosking Family Photographs

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: 2009-002-s-r
Scope and Contents The Ernest and Ruth G. Hosking Family Photo collection spans the period of the mid 1800's to about 1920, and contains photographs of Ernest and Ruth at different ages. In addition, there is a Hosking family album compiled by Carrie J. (Hostlander) Hosking.

Edward Farnham Frank Mt. Pleasant collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2007-003-r
Overview One tape of Edward Farnham's niece saying a blessing and one picture frame containing Frank Mt. Pleasant for the dedication of the Frank Mt. Pleasant Library of Special Collections and Archives.

Pro- and Anti-Masonic pamphlet collection

 Collection — document-box: 1
Identifier: 2013-101-s-r
Abstract This collection contains 148 pro- and anti-masonic pamphlets regarding Freemasonry in the United States from the 20th century.

Nita Freire Critical Pedagogy collection

 Collection — document-box: 1
Identifier: 2009-022-r-f
Overview A small collection of CDs, teaching materials and personal writing by Nita Freire.

The Paulo and Nita Freire Project for International Critical Pedagogy archive records

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2011-016-r-f
Overview This collection contains a few of the records concerning the operation of the archives of The Paulo and Nita Freire Project.

Paulo Freire Critical Pedagogy Archive collection

 Collection — document-box: 1
Identifier: 2009-014-r-f
Overview Material relating to, and the creation of, the Paulo Freire Critical Pedagogy Archive at Chapman University in 2009

Paulo Freire papers

Identifier: 2009-017-r-f

Chapman University Freshman Flag Collection

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: 2010-037-s-r
Overview This collection contains 45 handmade freshman flags from Chapman University and 3 school pennants.

Milton Friedman Collection, 1986-2009

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2004-003-r
Overview The Milton Friedman Collection consists of awards and certificates, honorary degrees, and doctoral hoods. A handwritten manuscript by Friedman is also housed in the collection.

Richard Fukuhara "Shadows for Peace" collection

 Collection — Folder: 1
Identifier: 2017-022-s-r
Content Description This collection consists of one perfect bound book titled "Shadows for Peace, for the Sake of the Children, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Experience" and one framed print titled "Kodomo no tame ni" produced by Richard Yutaka Fukuhara for Shadows for Peace Project, and Fukuhara's business card.

Martha Jane Bissell Grabhorn Archive

 Collection — document-box: 1, Folder: 1-2
Identifier: 2015-114-s-r
Overview The Martha Jane Bissell Grabhorn Archive consists of letters and photographs of Jane Grabhorn from the early 20th century.

Green Integer Press archives

 Collection — Carton: 1-81
Identifier: 2013-026-r
Overview This is a collection of 71 cartons containing manuscripts, correspondence, poetry, and reviews of the Green Integer Press from 1972 to 2012 as well as, personal materials of the founder, Douglas Messerli.

Guzman family records

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2009-021-r
Overview This collection contains items that belonged to the Guzman family, who participated in the Mendez v. Westminster case of 1946. The collection includes family realia such as articles of clothing, textiles, a watch, a homemade doll, and other records such as a news clipping and family photographs.

John Hall World War I militaria and poster collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2014-027-s-r
Overview This collection contains World War One, British, French and German military artifacts that chronicles the experiences of the common soldiers in the trenches.

William Hall Master Chorale Collection

Identifier: 2010-019-r
Overview This collection consists of digital and analog recordings of performances by the William Hall Master Chorale of Orange County, 1956-2002. Along with the recordings there are also a number of scrapbooks documenting the performances.

Harmon and Nadine Wilkinson Abraham Lincoln Collection

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: 2008-035-r
Scope and Contents The Harmon and Nadine Wilkinson Abraham Lincoln Collection contains materials relating to Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War of the United States as well as the personal life and history of the Wilkinsons.

S.E. "Doc" Harold correspondence collection

 Collection — Box: 1, Folder: 1-4
Identifier: 2015-011-r
Overview This collection consists of 43 pieces of correspondence written by S.E. "Doc" Harold to his fiancee and then wife, Olynda Weber Harold from 1934-1945 while he served in the United States Navy.

Harvey Headliner newsletters

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: 2013-054-r
Overview A bound collection of "Harvey Headliner" newsletters from 1942 to 1945, which depict the Home Front in the United States during World War II. The newsletters show how many women took jobs in the factory and how the American government, corporations, and labor unions increased in size during the war.

Paula Hassinger Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2005-014-s-r
Overview This collection consists of some coins, national and commemorative, including a Union Pacific "Lucky Piece", and a document granting land to refugees of Canada and Nova Scotia signed by Thomas Jefferson and granting 366 acres to John Paskell in the "Chilicotha" [Chillicothe] District of Ohio.

Steven J. Hendlin, PhD. Personal Papers collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2006-005-r
Overview This collection consists of books, articles, papers and doctoral dissertation of psychologist, Steven J. Hendlin, PhD.

Henry Giroux manuscript collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2015-136-r-f
Overview This collection consists of Henry Giroux's Boston University papers as well as books, journals and realia by Henry Giroux, with credit to Paulo Frieire from the 1980s.

Russell Holtry Mexican Border War photograph album

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: 2014-034-r
Overview This album contains over 150 vernacular photographs of Russel Holtry's experiences in the United States Army while stationed on the Texas and New Mexico border during the Mexican Border Crisis (1910-1919).

Ken Horn foreign bank note collection

 Collection — document-box: 1, Folder: 2
Identifier: 2011-002-r
Overview This collection contains early 20th century foreign bank notes.

Huell Howser papers

Identifier: 2012-123-r-c
Overview Huell Howser was a broadcast journalist and television host most widely known for his television series, California's Gold, which ran on various California public television stations from 1991 through 2012. The collection consists of clippings, photographs, personal and professional correspondence, press and publicity materials, ephemera, professional awards and recognition, and memorabilia collected by Huell Howser.

Hugh Galt English School Children Correspondence collection

 Collection — document-box: 1
Identifier: 2015-129-r
Overview This collection consists of letters recieved by Hugh Galt from English school children during World War Two as part of a Pen Pal or "Hands Across the Sea" correspondence program during childhood.

A.B. Hutchinson and H.H. Woolsey American Civil War correspondence and personal effects collection.

Identifier: 2013-008-s-r
Overview A collection of letters and personal realia from 2nd Lieutenant Alfred Bergen Hutchinson (1840-1921) and his brother-in-law, Captain Henry Harrison Woolsey (1836-1864), who both served in Company E of the New Jersey 5th Volunteer Infantry Regiment during the American Civil War.

Wilder V. Immel '35 World War II Atomic Bomb Protest Scrapbook

 Item — Box: 1
Identifier: 2009-055-r
Overview A scrapbook documenting the protest of the dropping of the nuclear weapons on Japan during World War II by a San Francisco preacher during the war.

Jack and Belle Lindquist Disney collection

Identifier: 2013-005-s-r
Scope and Contents This bulk of this collection consists of awards and Disneyana collected by Jack Lindquist or given to him during his employment with The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. Of particular note are his 1994 Disney Legend award, the Gift Giver Award, and two letters from United States Presidents.

Japanese Internment posters

 Collection — Folder: 2
Identifier: 2015-119-r
Overview This collection consists of two poster notices of Japanese American evacuation and internment during World War Two, 1942.

Jim Miller DVDs

 Collection — drawer: 1
Identifier: 2015-122-r
Overview This collection consists of two DVDs pertaining to Professor Jim Miller.

The Samuel Johnson Society of the West records

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2017-034-s-r
Overview Operating records and publications of the Samuel Johnson Society of the West.

Jonathan Silent Film Collection

Identifier: 2005-002-r
Overview The Jonathan Collection contains rare historical photographs and papers of the early motion picture industry.

Natalie Kalmus Technicolor papers

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: 2012-135-r
Overview This small collection of correspondence and papers from Natalie Kalmus (1892-1965) covers 1939-1947 and deals with some of her business transactions.

Vaughan Kelley Franklin D. Roosevelt Collection

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: 2010-027-s-r
Overview This collection contains photographic material, postcards, ephemera and realia on Vaugh Kelley '62, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Roosevelt family, fictional character Hopalong Cassidy, actor William Boyd and George Armstrong Custer.

Curtis O. Kemmish correspondence

 Collection — document-box: 1
Identifier: 2014-116-s-r
Overview This collection consists of personal correspondence, postcards and telegrams of the Curtis O. Kemmish family.

James Kent thesis

 Collection — Container: Mendez v. Westminster Box 2, Folder: 9
Identifier: 2010-004-r
Overview This collection contains an original (second) copy of James Kent's master's thesis from the University of Oregon. The thesis is titled "Segregation of Mexican school children in Southern California" and was used as evidence against him and the Orange County schools during the Mendez v. Westminster trial.

Joe Kincheloe papers

Identifier: 2009-019-r-f
Overview This collection contains the academic papers of pedagogy theorist Joe Lyons Kincheloe, (December 14, 1950 – December 19, 2008).

John Koshak conducting scores collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2010-016-s-r
Overview A collection of conducting scores from John Koshak's personal score library.

Leatherby Family Academic ephemera collection

 Collection — document-box: 1
Identifier: 2015-068-s-r
Overview This collection contains various ephemera related to the Leatherby family's academic achievement and appreciation of libraries. This includes photos from various graduations, photos of Kathryn Marie Leatherby reading, an honorary degree of Ralph Leatherby, and a library dish set. Three frames were also donated on Janurary 15, 2015. This includes a photo of Joann Leatherby holding a framed photo of the Leatherby Libraries, as well as framed copies of her degrees from the University of ...

Dennis Leslie FDR Railcar Collection

Identifier: 2010-011-r
Overview This collection consists of material on Franklin D. Roosevelt's Ferdinand Magellan railcar, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the five Sullivan brothers of the USS Juneau.

Frances Fay Brunstein Papers

Identifier: 1998-004-r
Overview The Frances Fay Brunstein Papers consist of personal papers of Frances Fay Brunstein Levine who traveled extensively as an economist for the United States government in the 1950's. The papers include Frances' own writings and correspondence, travel brochures from her travel in Asia and elsewhere, an extensive collection of propaganda from Asian nations, Latin American nations, and the United States.

Rafael Lopez art

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2010-032-r
Overview This collection contains the original artwork that was used to design the Mendez v. Westminster Commemorative Stamp in 2007. The artwork was created by artist Rafael Lopez and donated by him on October 20, 2010. The collection also includes two posters that feature the stamp design.

Los Angeles Law Library records

 Collection — Container: Mendez v. Westminster Box 5, Folder: 5-8
Identifier: 2009-010-r
Overview This collection consists of material related to Mendez v. Westminster and was donated by the Los Angeles Law Library.

Ida Lupino Unproduced Screenplay for "Deep is my Well"

 Collection — document-box: 1
Identifier: 2013-078-s-r
Overview A presumably unproduced screenplay by Ida Lupino and Collier Young about a couple of Americans in Italy - one of whom is accused of murder. Lupino (1918 – 1995) and Young were husband and wife at the time of the development of this screenplay, which was to have been shot in Italy.

Mary (Platt) MacKinnon movie poster collection

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: 2012-047-r
Overview This collection contains the collected materials of Mary (Platt) MacKinnon. It includes movie posters, a booklet, and newspaper clippings.

Mary (Platt) MacKinnon WWII aircraft scrapbook collection

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: 2012-043-r
Overview This collection contains the personal scrapbook of Mary (Platt) MacKinnon, aunt of WWII pilot Robert Platt. The scrapbook collection includes scrapbook pages with information about various WWII military planes as well as posters and maps.

Mike Madrid Mendez v. Westminster records

 Collection — Container: Mendez v. Westminster Box 5, Folder: 1-4
Identifier: 2009-018-r
Overview This collection contains material donated by Professor Mike Madrid, Ph.D., Education Director at Chapman University, and consists of material that is related to the Mendez v. Westminster case.

MAGIC- Antiquarian Maps

Identifier: 2009-042-r
Scope and Contents This is the MAGIC Antiquarian Map collection housed in Special Collection. It includes rare Antiquarian maps.

Mark Maier NASA Challenger Disaster A/V Collection

Identifier: 2010-002-r
Overview This collection consists of a number of videotapes and some text material collected by Professor Mark Maier that deals with the NASA Challenger disaster and its aftermath.

David Marcus records

 Collection — Container: Mendez v. Westminster Box 2, Folder: 8
Identifier: 2017-013-r
Overview This collection consists of a high resolution photo of David Marcus and one plaque that belonged to Marcus from his law office.

Mariana Witt photograph

 Item — Box: 1
Identifier: 2002-002-r
Scope and Contents portrait of donor of Nuremberg Chronicle, Mariana Witt, in a silver frame.

The Allan J. McDonald NASA Challenger Disaster Archives

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2016-002-s-r
Overview This collection contains material from Allan J. McDonald pertaining to the NASA Challenger Disaster.

Peter McLaren papers

Identifier: 2009-018-r-f
Overview The academic papers of Professor Peter McLaren (b. 1948) with a concentration on his publications.

Corporal Raymond Frank McRoberts World War Two militaria collection

 Collection — Box: (1)
Identifier: 2015-023-r
Overview This collection is a gift of Penni McRoberts, granddaughter of Corporal Raymon Frank McRoberts. It contains one Class A uniform jacket (US Marines), one Purple Heart medal, seven ribbons, one photograph, and a box with two shell bracelets from Guadalcanal, South Pacific.

Colonel Return Jonathan Meigs and Jim Mumford Correspondence collection

 Collection — document-box: 1, Folder: 1
Identifier: 2011-137-s-r
Overview Correspondence from Colonel R.J. Meigs to Jim Mumford, dated 1778.

Mendez v. Westminster commemorative stamp proof sheets

 Collection — Container: Mendez v. Westminster Box 5, Folder: 15
Identifier: 2017-017-r
Overview This collection consists of two Mendez v. Westminster stamp sheets, a stamped envelope, and a small flyer for the stamp ceremony.

Mendez v. Westminster group study room dedication photographs

 Collection — Container: Mendez v. Westminster Box 6, Folder: 10
Identifier: 2017-018-r
Overview This collection contains digital photographs from the celebration of the dedication of Mendez v. Westminster group study room and Mendez v. Westminster Archive.

Mendez v. Westminster group study room dedication records

 Collection — Container: Mendez v. Westminster Box 6, Folder: 1
Identifier: 2009-059-r
Overview This collection contains invitations, programs, and certificates from the celebration of the dedication of Mendez v. Westminster group study room (located on the third floor of Leatherby Libraries) and Mendez v. Westminster Archive, in honor of the Sayre Family, held on October 14, 2009.