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A. J. Stewart Civil War correspondence

Identifier: 2016-188-wc
Dates: Majority of material found within 1862 July 6 - 1864 June 5

A. Melius First World War correspondence

Identifier: 2017-079-w
Dates: Majority of material found within 1918 July 8 - December 12

"A Soldiers Guide to the United States"

 Unprocessed — Item 2015.024.w
Identifier: 2015-024-w

Adele W. Nelka Second World War correspondence

 Unprocessed — Document-box ACC Copies 4
Identifier: 2016-096-wc

Adelino J. Neves Vietnam War correspondence

Identifier: 2017-666-w
Dates: 1966 - 1969

Admiral Bob Leslie Second World War scrapbook

Identifier: 2017-332-w
Dates: 1942 - 1960; Majority of material found within 1942 - 1944

Agnes A. Platt Second World War correspondence

Identifier: 2018-114-w
Dates: 1934 - 1952

Al Clack Second World War correspondence

Identifier: 2017-058-w
Dates: 1944 March 22

Albert C. Fisher Civil War correspondence

 Unprocessed — Box Copies 2
Identifier: 2016-068-wc

Albert C. Shaw Second World War correspondence

Identifier: 2017-266-w
Dates: 1942 May 1 - 1945 June 5

Albert D. Hartwick Second World War correspondence

 Unprocessed — Document-box ACC Copies 4
Identifier: 2016-088-wc
Dates: 1945 May 26

Albert Geislinger First World War correspondence

 Unprocessed — Box Copies 1
Identifier: 2014-106-wc

Alden Winn Second World War correspondence

Identifier: 2017-007-w
Dates: 1943 - 1944

Alexander Scamneel Revolutionary War correspondence

 Unprocessed — Item 2015.018.w
Identifier: 2015-018-wc
Dates: 1774 September 6

Alfred J. Bailey Korean War correspondence

Identifier: 2016-034-w

Alfred McLean Smith Second World War correspondence digital files

 Unprocessed — Folder 2019-194-wc_Smith, Alfred McLean
Identifier: 2019-194-wc
Dates: 1943-05-31 - 1945-08-01

Alfred Robinson First World War correspondence

Identifier: 2014-117-w
Dates: 1917 - 1924

Allen Truett Baucum Second World War correspondence

Identifier: 2017-594-w
Dates: 1944 May 30

Almon Hinds First World War correspondence

Identifier: 2017-319-w
Dates: 1917 May - 1919 May 11

Alvin Mueller, Jr. Second World War correspondence book

Identifier: 2017-283-w
Dates: 1941 October 4 - 1942 September 28

Alwin M. Zwanziger Second World War correspondence

Identifier: 2019-066-w
Dates: 1945 July 11 - 1946 February 20

Amory A. Miller, Jr. Second World War correspondence

 Unprocessed — Box Copies 3
Identifier: 2014-110-wc

A.N. Missimer Civil War correspondence

 Unprocessed — Document-box ACC Copies 4
Identifier: 2015-053-wc

Andrew Durkin First World War correspondence

Identifier: 2017-534-wc
Dates: 1918 June 11

Andrew E. Johnson Second World War correspondence

 Unprocessed — Item 2015.030.w
Identifier: 2015-030-w
Dates: 1944 August 13

Andy Dwyer Second World War journal excerpts

Identifier: 2017-124-w
Dates: 1941 - 1945

Anna Burzic Second World War personal narrative

Identifier: 2017-418-wc
Dates: 2017 June 10

Anne Heller Second World War correspondence

Identifier: 2014-100-w
Dates: 1943 - 1946

Anthony J. Maruchella Second World War correspondence

Identifier: 2017-574-w
Dates: 1942 - 1945