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Andrew Guilford photography reception digital images

 Unprocessed — Folder 2002-01-14_Andrew_Guilford_event-2002.084.a
Identifier: 2002-084-a

"Bill" Second World War photographs

Identifier: 2014-093-w

Clinton C. Harry Second World War correspondence

Identifier: 2016-070-w
Dates: 1943 - 1944

Edward Victor Rasmussen Second World War correspondence

Identifier: 2016-138-w
Dates: 1944 - 1945

Elizabeth McConachie Second World War correspondence

Identifier: 2016-074-w
Dates: 1941 - 1943

Francis A. Zello Second World War correspondence

Identifier: 2016-045-w

Francis Ives Thompson First World War correspondence

 Unprocessed — Box Copies 1
Identifier: 2014-141-wc

Frank Dale Fessler First World War correspondence

Identifier: 2017-187-w
Dates: 1918 April 18 - 1918 December 14

Henry Carl Strecker Second World War correspondence

Identifier: 2017-031-w
Dates: 1942 August 19 - 2007; Majority of material found within 1942 August 19 - 1949 June 14

Henry Eitner First World War correspondence

Identifier: 2018-070-w
Dates: 1918 - 1919

H.H. Moran Second World War photo albums

Identifier: 2016-087-w
Dates: 1941 - 1945

James M. Esposito Vietnam War correspondence

Identifier: 2017-400-wc
Dates: 1968 May 20 - September 30

Jean League (Newton) Second World War correspondence

Identifier: 2018-071-w
Dates: 1941 - 1946; Majority of material found within 1916 - 1918

Joe G. Sparks Second World War correspondence and other materials

 Unprocessed — Folder 2019-036-w_Sparks
Identifier: 2019-039-wc
Dates: 1940 - 1948

Joseph Otto Long Second World War correspondence

Identifier: 2016-192-w
Dates: Majority of material found within 1941 - 1944; 1941 - 2008

Leatherby Libraries Kevin Lee exhibit installation digital image

 Unprocessed — Folder 2019-06-07_Kevin_Lee_exhibit-2019.060.a
Identifier: 2019-060-a

Leatherby Libraries Livi Dom reception digital images

 Unprocessed — Folder 2019-02-22_Livi_Dom_reception-2019.025.a
Identifier: 2019-025-a

Louis Moropoulos Second World War photographs

Identifier: 2015-011-w
Dates: 1940-1950

Mary Helen Allburt Second World War correspondence

Identifier: 2016-037-w
Dates: 1944 - 1945

Oliver Hawk Second World War correspondence

Identifier: 2017-338-w
Dates: 1935 - 1984; Majority of material found within 1942 - 1967

Richard Sperry Second World War correspondence

Identifier: 2016-086-w
Dates: 1940 - 1943

Robert Gordon Second World War correspondence

Identifier: 2018-036-w
Dates: Majority of material found within 1944 - 1962

School of Law photo exhibit digital images

 Unprocessed — Folder 2003-03-17_Law_Photo_Exhibit-2003.021.a
Identifier: 2003-021-a

Suzanne Romig Second World War correspondence

Identifier: 2015-099-w
Dates: 1943 - 1946

Teresa Rogers Second World War photographs

Identifier: 2015-013-w
Dates: 1944 - 1945

Walter S. Hern, Jr. Second World War memoir

Identifier: 2019-104-wc

William Alexander Graham, Jr. First World War correspondence

 Unprocessed — Box Copies 1
Identifier: 2014-114-wc