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Photographs, 1864-1972, bulk: 1891-1928

 Sub-Series — Multiple Containers

Scope and Contents

Photographs of the Charles Clarke Chapman family, formal portraits of Charles Clarke Chapman, photographs of his first wife, Lizzie, and second wife, Clara, and photographs of his children, C. Stanley, Ethel, and Irvin C. "Ernie", brothers and sisters of Charles, various relatives and the family burial plot at Forest Lawn. Also included are photographs of the citrus packing house and a citrus stand in New York, selling Old Mission Brand Oranges, and Charles' Los Angeles office. Additionally, there are photos of the Chapman Park Hotel in Los Angeles, the Fullerton home and ranch called Santa Ysabel, Placentia Orchard Company truck with orange crates and the Placentia Orchard Co. office. Also included are photographs of the Chapman building in Fullerton and the Chapman building in Los Angeles. A long panoramic photograph dated 1920 is of the Union Oil Co. oil well, numbered Chapman No. 1, on Charles Chapman's property near Placentia. There is also one photograph from 1908 of Walter Coff hauling oranges from the Chapman ranch to Fullerton. Many of the latter photographs were donated by Cherie Chapman Harrison.

Also included is one folder of three citrus crate labels: "Old Mission Brand," "Golden Eagle" and "Gold Coast."

Oversized folder items are citrus crate labels.

Additional materials from [2021-018-a] were added to Box 1 and Flatbox 2 in June 2022:
  • 1. 13.75"x10.5" portrait photograph of C. C. Chapman (Chapman), print made 1955, scan 001
  • 2. 7.5"x9.75" photo of Valencia Orange Show opening; photo description reads: "Gloria Swanson, Mrs. Remsberg, and Charles C. Chapman listening to President Harding over long-distance telephone at opening of Valencia Orange Show, Anaheim, Calif., 1921,” c. 1921
  • 3. 4"x5" c. 1966-1972 reproduction of original 1905 photo of Chapman with 6 others; stamped: California State Polytechnic College, Audio-Visual Center, Kellog Campus, Pomona California; see #9 for original; scan 002
  • 4. 4"x5" c. 1966-1972 reproduction of original 1922 photo of Chapman at his Old Mission Brand display in the Valencia Orange Show; stamped: California State Polytechnic College, Audio-Visual Center, Kellog Campus, Pomona California; Anaheim, CA; scan 003
  • 5. 4"x5" c. 1966-1972 reproduction of original 1922 photo of C. C. Chapman’s Old Mission Brand citrus crate label; stamped: California State Polytechnic College, Audio-Visual Center, Kellog Campus, Pomona California; scan 004
  • 6. 5.5"x 3.25" postcard photo of Chapman, photo description reads: “snapped while at work on the ranch,” undated likely c. 1920s, scan 005
  • 7. 5"x4" c. 1966-1972 reproduction of original undated photo of the Charles C. Chapman Building on Eighth and Broadway, Los Angeles, CA; (autobiography: This building was constructed c. 1912 and Chapman bought it in 1920 from U.S. Senator Frank P. Flint. It housed the original Bank of America on the ground floor by 1923.); stamped: California State Polytechnic College, Audio-Visual Center, Kellog Campus, Pomona California
  • 8. 6.75"x4.75" photo description reads: "Chapman’s oil well no. 1, Chapman Acres March 1919;" (autobiography caption: "Oil sprayed the grove as "Old #1" came in on June 10, 1919," Chapman Acres was located on 257 acres northeast of Placentia, CA); c. 1919 March; scan 006
  • 9. 10"x14" original photo with a previously taped repair across the middle; photo description reads: "taken at opening of Stage Depot - Motor Transit Co. Los Angeles and Fifth - Los Angeles, in a building I erected, Mr. Fuller selling first ticket to Mayor Snyder, possibly near 1905, Made by STAGG A4554 Bwdy. 1007;" c. 1905; see #3 for the reproduction
  • 10. 12.5"x9.5" portrait print of Chapman and his signature, likely when he was Fullerton's first mayor, undated likely c. 1904, scan 007
  • 11. 10.75"x12.75" mounted photo of Chapman second to left with his grove crew and packing house employees in front of office at Santa Ysabel Ranch, center Arch: Geo. T? (Book Keeper), Jack Hart (coachman), Bill Yaeger, Billy Fries (Grader), Peter Jacobson (Grader), photo is 8"x10", c. 1920, scan 008
  • 12. 5"x7" photo of seated citrus sorters to the right and standing citrus packers to the left, undated
  • 13. 5"x7" photo of Old Mission and Golden Eagle Brand citrus packers, undated likely c. 1900s-1920s
  • 14. 10.75"x13.75" mounted photo of Chapman at an Erie Pier citrus crate display of P. Rulhman & Co., New York receivers of Old Mission Brand fruit, includes 2 copies of description: "Sgobel & Day, This picture taken on Erie Pier, 20 N.R. Month of March, 1907, From left to right: 1- Victor Bovino, 2- Frank J. Rulhman, 3- Charles F. Case - dead. 4. Charles C. Chapman, 5. Geo. M. Rafter - dead. 6. Mr. Sellinger - dead. 7 Charles Washburn- dead. 8. Henry Kelly Jr., 9. Jon M. Repole - dead. 10. George Waltman - dead.;" photo is 7.5"x9.5"; 1907 March; scan 009
  • 15. 4"x5" photo of Chapman and a train that likely took him to Oberammergau, Germany, photo description reads: “Bavarian engine;” (date from autobiography), c. 1910, scan 010
  • 16. 5"x4" photo of Chapman, photo description reads: “The House of Anton Lang ‘Christos’ Oberammergau” Germany; top left corner torn, c. 1910, scan 011
  • 17. 7"x9" mounted photo of a load of walnuts, photo description reads: "Load of walnuts taken from Santa Ysabel ranch to depot at Fullerton for shipment. Taken about 1908." sepia, photo is 4.5"x6.5", c. 1908
  • 18. 7"x9" mounted photo of Chapman’s expanded packing house, "The first large packing house erected. The location now (1942) occupied by truck garage. The water tank was later enclosed and beautified;" Fullerton; photo is 3.75"x6"; sepia, (date from autobiography caption); c. 1905; scan 012
  • 19. 4"x6" photo of citrus packers with early electric power equipment, torn on the top, sepia, undated likely c. 1900s-1920s
  • 20. 5"x4" photo of packing house, photo description reads: “First Packing House, 1900 now replaced by truck garage," 1900, scan 013
  • 21. 4"x5" photo of Old Mission citrus packers, photo description reads: “May 1901 packing house at Santa Ysabel Ranch, sizer," Fullerton, sepia, 1901 May, scan 014
  • 22. 10"x12" mounted photo of packing house for the citrus Golden Eagle and Old Mission Brands, photo description reads: “old packing house 1900,” water damage on the mount, photo is 6"x8", 1900, scan 015
  • 23. 10"x10.5" photo of Chapman siblings: standing row: Charles C., Emma (Johnson), Franklin "F. M." Marion, seated row: Colum C., Dolla (Harris), Louella (Thamer), Samuel James "S.J.", has torn edges and is glued to paper, photograph description also includes their names and "Father: Sidney Smith Chapman, Mother: Rebecca Clarke Chapman, Chapman family, taken in Chicago about 1890", photo is 6.5"x8.25"; c. 1890, scan 016
  • 24. 4"x2.5" photo of the Chapman brothers: photo description reads: “Frank, Colum, Charles, and James ('S.J.');” T. Philpot, Photographer, North Side Square, Macomb, Illinois; sepia, c. 1874, scan 017
  • 25. 4"x2.5" photo of Chapman as a child, photo description reads: "Charles Chapman, His first picture, taken about 1864 early part of the year; Photographed by Thomas & Pearson, Macomb, Illinois, c. 1864, scan 018
  • 26. 9.5"x12" mounted photo of Chapman with his siblings in front row, with an unidentified child, staff of Chapman Brothers, Publishers; photo description reads: "? ? of Printing establishment of Chapman Brothers, taken 1891"; bottom left mount corner is torn; marked The Waterman Photo Co, 54th St. & Jackson Ave, Chicago, Ill.; photo is 7.5"x9"; 1891, scan 019
  • 27. 7"x5" mounted photo of Chapman before marrying Lizzie Pearson, photo description reads: "This picture was taken for Lizzie before our marriage. C." water damage on mount, (circular photo is 3.5"x3"), c. 1884, scan 020
  • 28. 8"x4" mounted photo of Lizzie Pearson before marrying Charles C. Chapman, photo is 7.5"x4"; photo created by Hartley at 309 W. Madison St. Chicago, c. 1884, scan 021
  • 29. 5"x5" mounted photo of "residence of Charles C. Chapman, Jackson Boulevard and Stanley Terrace, Chicago, 1893" Illinois; also reads: "? Ethel Chapman" on back of the photo; photo is 4.5"x3.5," 1893, scan 022
  • 30. 8"x10" photo of the Forest Lawn family plot with "La Carita" statue, Glendale, CA, description reads: "Our memorial in Forest Lawn. This picture was taken shortly after its erection. Since the background greatly improved." c. 1928, scan 023
  • 31. 4"x5" c. 1966-1972 reproduction of original 1894 photo of Chapman's first California home at corner of Figueroa and Adams Streets in Los Angeles, stamped: California State Polytechnic College, Audio-Visual Center, Kellog Campus, Pomona California
  • 32. 5.5"x6.5" mounted photo of Chapman family home, description reads: "cottages on Santa Isabel Ranch 1898, moved to Annex about 1913," photo is 4.5"x3.75", (Chapman autobiography caption states "First Fullerton home, 1895"), c. 1898, scan 024
  • 33. 8"x10" photo of Chapman's residence at Christmas time; description reads "Lighted Christmas tree at north west corner of Chapman Residence located at east end of Commonwealth Ave. in Fullerton, Calif. Taken about 1940 or 1941. There were more than 650 lights on the tree one year perhaps the last time it was lighted.", c. 1940 or 1941, scan 025
  • 34. 8"x10" photo description reads: "music room 15'x21'6", Alice and Stan," likely in the ranch house, undated likely c. early 1900s
  • 35. 5.5"x6.5" mounted photo of Colum and Charles Chapman’s families, description reads: "Rear Colum C., Anna, Colum, Aunt Thela, Clara C., Charles, Aunt Mary; Children Arthur, Sidney, Stanley, Ethel; Earl, Chapman standing at corner of porch. Jim Chapman on the right. Taken by Mrs. S. J. Chapman of Colum and family and C. C. Chapman family at Santa Isabel Ranch," photo is 3.75"x4.5", c. 1898 or 1899 (people, clothes, and the mount match photo #32 suggesting they could have been taken the same day), scan 026
  • 36. 4"x5" photo of 3 women with Stanley Chapman driving, photo description reads: “1902 Cadillac Stanley at wheel,” autobiography caption: “Stanley at the wheel of the Chapmans’ [sic] first automobile, a 1902 one-cylinder Cadillac," c. 1902, scan 027
  • 37. 8"x10" photo of Chapman’s Fullerton Ranch house, (autobiography: house was completed in 1903), undated likely after c. 1903, scan 028
  • 38. 3"x6" photo of a fountain and formal gardens, stamped Kodatone, undated likely c. early 1900s
  • 39. 3.25"x5.25" photo description reads: "Residence of Chas. C. Chapman, Front of our house, Clara, May 1928," 1928 May, scan 029
  • 40. 7.75"x9.75" photo description reads "dining room and alcove 15'4"x24', Alice and Stan," likely in the ranch house, undated likely c. early 1900s
  • 41. 7.75"x9.75" photo of a living room 20'x36', likely in the ranch house, undated likely c. early 1900s
  • 42. 8"x10" photo of Mrs. Clara Chapman in the library, photo description reads: "Library 16'x24' Charles C. Chapman Residence Built 1903, Library refinished 1926, Picture taken 1946 (Mrs. Chapman in chair)," created by Reynold's Movie Portrait Studio ? E. Commonwealth Avenue Fullerton, California, room is likely in the ranch house, 1946, scan 030
  • 43. 10"x12.25" mounted photo of the barn and corral, Chapman Ranch, The garage occupies same location, photo is 7.5"x9.5", undated likely c. 1920s, scan 031
  • 44. 8"x10" mounted photo of Santa Ysabel Rancho carriage barn and water tower "Carriage barn on Santa Ysabel Rancho showing Juanita and Jack Hart. Now 19?? occupied by the Shop. Here automobiles, trucks, tractors, and farm implements are repaired." photo is 5"x7", undated likely c. early 1900s
  • 45. 9.5"x11.5" mounted photo, photo description reads: front: "Dormitory bldngs, California Christian College, Madison and Monroe Sts., Gauger Const. Co., Contractors Robt. H. Orr, Archt."; back: "President A. Braden, Compliments of Herbert E. Gauger," Los Angeles, CA; photo is 8"x10", c. 1920s, scan 032
  • 46. 4.75"x7", photo description reads: "Hospital at Nantung Chow, China in course of construction, From Dr. Poland," photo is 4"x5.75", c. 1910-1912
  • 47. 2 9.5"x7" mounted photos of Clara (Clara Irvin Chapman) and "Father" (C. C. Chapman) in 1 booklet, created by Hartsook, each photo is 6.75"x4.5", c. 1933, scan 033
  • 48. 6.5"x8.5" photo of C. C. Chapman and Mary Carr Moore at Chapman College graduation, 1937; photo description reads: "Chapman college graduation, Charles C. Chapman resident of the Board of Trustees of Chapman College congratulates Mrs. Mary Carr Moore, composer and professor of music theory upon being granted honorary Doctor of Music Degree;” From F. F. Wenkle 1121 Browning Blvd. Los Angeles, Calif.; cropped corners, 1937 March 15, scan 034
  • 49. 12.75"x8.75" portrait print of Chapman and his signature, created by Historic Record Co., Eng. by E.G. Williams & Bro. NY, (publisher note states: "do not use this picture, but take signature for under Frontispiece"), portrait is 8.5"x6.25", undated likely c. before 1920s, scan 035
  • 50. 11"x13.75" mounted photo of Santa Ysabel Ranch's new packing house, 1912; photo description reads: "New packing house, ‘Old Mission Brand,’ Packing House Santa Ysabel Ranch, Taken about 1912," water damage on mount, photo is 7.75"x9.5", 1912, scan 036
  • 51. 14"x11" photo of the Coolidge election headquarters in Los Angeles, photo description reads: "Coolidge Headquarters in Los Angeles for campaign 1924. I was on ticket as delegate to Cleveland Convention and talked of for candidate for Vice President, 1924"; stamped: "Photo by Art. Streib 130 So. Broadway Phone 825-682 Los Angeles"; 1924
  • 52. 3.75"x4.5" photo of a worker next to the polishing brushes, sepia, undated likely c. 1900s-1920s


  • Creation: 1864-1972
  • Creation: Majority of material found within 1891-1928


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Photographs of the Charles Clarke Chapman family and formal portraits of Charles Chapman.


Photographs are arranged in subject order.

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Family photo descriptions spell Santa Ysabel Ranch with a "Y" and an "I" on several photographs. Accession inventory notes copied to this subseries' scope note reflect the original notes' spelling choice. However, C. C. Chapman's autobiography references the "Santa Ysabel Ranch" on p. 101 and the scanned photographs' metadata uses this as the official spelling.

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